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Mechanical controller design combines gripper advantages for robotic surgery

微信红包接龙二维码a new controller design for robot-assisted surgery. source: tokyo institute of technology

this past week, scientists at the tokyo institute of technology announced a new type of controller for the arms used in robot-assisted surgery. the mechanical controller combines two types of gripping used in commercial robots to take advantage of the best features of each and provide surgeons more precision, they said.

Robotics has weaved its way into many different fields, and in healthcare, robotic surgery微信红包接龙二维码 has advanced dramatically in the past decade. Robot-assisted surgery is usually performed using surgical robot systems that involve a master-slave configuration, in which the “master” is a controller device that the surgeon manipulates to control a robotic arm.

such systems improve the dexterity and precision of surgeons by filtering out hand tremors and scaling their hand motions into smaller movements. they also reduce the risk of common surgical complications such as surgical site infection.

Overcoming human grasping limitations

however, robot-assisted surgery comes with its own disadvantages, especially for the person performing the surgery. robotic surgeons sometimes feel physical discomfort during surgery, with finger fatigue being common. this discomfort is associated with the way in which they grip the master controller.

two types of grips are usually used to control surgical robots: the “pinch grip” and “power grip.” the pinch grip has been used in conventional surgeries for centuries; it involves using the thumb, middle, and index fingers to achieve high-precision movements. on the other hand, the power grip involves grabbing a handle with the entire hand and is more suitable for forceful work and large movements.

微信红包接龙二维码because the pinch grip puts tension on certain muscles of the hand and fingers, it is more likely to cause fatigue. and although the power grip does not seem to cause such discomfort, it offers less precise control. therefore, there is a tradeoff between the discomfort caused by the pinch grip and the lack of fine control of the power grip.

Fortunately, Solmon Jeong and Kotaro Tadano, two researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), found a clever solution to this problem. In a study published in The International Journal of Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery, they speculated that a master controller that combines both types of gripping can be designed.

微信红包接龙二维码“in robotic surgery, the limitations of the two conventional gripping methods are strongly related to the advantages and disadvantages of each gripping type,” said dr. tadano. “thus, we wanted to investigate whether a combined gripping method can improve the manipulation performance during robotic surgery, as this can leverage the advantages of both gripping types while compensating for their disadvantages.”

controller robot gripper

examples of gripping types: a. pinch grip, b. combined grip, and c. power grip. source: the international journal of medical robotics and computer assisted surgery, via wiley online library

Adjustable master controller

after a proof-of-concept experiment that yielded promising results, the researchers designed a robotic surgery system with a modular master controller that could be adjusted to employ either pinch, power, or combined gripping.

the system was tested through a pointing experiment, in which 15 participants had to control a robotic arm to bring the tip of a needle into target holes in the least amount of time without touching obstacles. various conditions were tested for each gripping type, such as the use of arm and palm rests, use of handle, gripping type, and pinch grip motion.

微信红包接龙二维码the findings showed that the combined grip yielded better performance in the pointing experiment on various fronts, including number of failures (touching an obstacle), time required, and overall length of the movements performed to reach the targets. many participants also reported to prefer the combined gripping method over the other two, owing to the ease and comfort in using this method.

this new master controller design could be a step in the right direction in robot-assisted surgery.

微信红包接龙二维码“the manipulating method of master controllers for robotic surgery has a significant influence in terms of intuitiveness, comfort, precision, and stability. in addition to enabling precise operation, a comfortable manipulating method could potentially benefit both the patient and the surgeon,” said tadano.

although future work is needed to analyze other variables involved in robotic arm manipulation, this work could benefit advanced surgical robot systems.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/coronavirus-fight-china-gets-boost-uvd-disinfection-robots/ http://hsnbiz.com/coronavirus-fight-china-gets-boost-uvd-disinfection-robots/#respond Fri, 21 Feb 2020 17:00:07 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104289 uvd robots has been offering disinfection robots for more than a year, but interest has spiked with the coronavirus outbreak.

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微信红包接龙二维码interest in robots for disinfecting surfaces and rooms has grown with widespread concern about the coronavirus. this week, uvd robots aps announced a reseller agreement with sunay healthcare supply to distribute its disinfection robots in china.

“With this agreement, more than 2,000 hospitals will now have the opportunity to ensure effective disinfection, protecting both their patients and staff,â€?stated Su Yan, CEO of Sunay Healthcare Supply. “We found the UVD robot to be superior compared to other technologies and are pleased to — in a very short amount of time — enter into a reseller agreement with exclusive rights to supply the UVD robots in China.”

The outbreak of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, began in Wuhan, China, and has infected more than 75,000 people and killed more than 2,000 to date worldwide. In comparison, between 29 million and 41 million people contracted influenza from Oct. 1, 2019, to Feb. 15, 2020, in the U.S. alone, with 16,000 to 41,000 fatalities, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The U.S. has 479 reported cases of coronavirus, said the CDC.

while coronavirus is affecting chinese manufacturing, global trade and tourism, and public health fears, robots can mitigate the spread of illness.

UVD robot wins awards, scales production to meet demand

Odense, Denmark-based UVD Robots is a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Robotics, and it has been providing disinfection robots to 45 countries. Last year, the company’s UVD robot received an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award in Robotics and Automation (IERA).

The Robot Report spoke with Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots, about the development and production of the UV-Disinfection Robot.

How long has the UVD robot been on the market?

Juul Nielsen:微信红包接龙二维码 We launched commercially a year and a half ago, in 2018, on a global scale except for China. It was too big a jump to start with.

we had run tests at hospitals in taiwan, hong kong, singapore, and japan. we have a very strong presence in the middle east, and a number of hospitals in europe are already applying the uvd robots.

for the u.s. market, we’ve been planning on entering it, and we expect to have product registrations and approvals sorted by the end of the year. we have a sales director in the u.s., and we’re hiring more sales engineers and partnering with distributors.

Ultraviolet light has been used for disinfection for years — what are the advantages of the UVD robot?

Juul Nielsen: UV-C disinfection has been clinically proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses for 40 years. It has been used mainly to disinfect drinking water and sewage plants from E. coli. A specific wavelength of 254 nanometers is known to have germicidal effects.

Around 10 years ago, hospitals in Europe and the Americas started applying manual UV-C systems. The first generation was a light pushed on wheels to disinfect operating rooms微信红包接龙二维码, and sales have been growing quite strongly over the past 10 years.

but these systems have disadvantages because uv-c light is limited by certain factors. because of the shadow effect on the backside of obstacles, it’s very important to go all over the room and cover all angles.

the germicidal effect of uv-c light is also limited by distance from the source — intensity is guided by the inverse square law. the higher the power level, the shorter the time to disinfect.

The robot limits exposure by healthcare微信红包接龙二维码 workers. It autonomously repositions itself close to surfaces instead of forcing someone to come in and out of the room. There is no lingering radiation — if you disinfect a small patient room with a single bed and an adjacent bathroom, it takes 12 to 15 minutes.

微信红包接龙二维码the minute the lights switch off, someone can immediately enter the room. when you enter the room, you’ll smell “ozone,” but this wavelength doesn’t generate ozone — the smell in the room is the burned particles of skin and hair in the air.

Where else can the UVD robot work?

Juul Nielsen: Not only can the robot work in small spaces, like hospital rooms and ship cabins, but it can also work in larger areas. Our robot is the only autonomous, battery-powered one available; others are just light sources on wheels.

the uvd robot could also work in hotels, offices, and the security-check areas of airports. when we spoke with chinese operators, they wanted to get get our robots to hospitals first, then also to millions of hotel rooms to prevent a recurrence.

What effects have you seen from the coronavirus outbreak?

Juul Nielsen:微信红包接龙二维码 When it started in 2019, things were quiet at first, but in January, we started to get a lot of inquiries from Chinese hospitals and companies about testing. Now, everybody’s talking about coronavirus, but we already had a robot to fight bacteria and other viruses.

on average, 100,000 people die per year from avoidable infections in hospitals. a big problem is that, until recently, infections have been treatable with antibiotics, but now, they’re mutating, so there’s no treatment — only prevention.

How difficult is it to scale up production, and is your own supply chain affected by coronavirus?

Juul Nielsen: Scaling up is a challenge, but we’ve been selling the robot and experiencing a high growth rate in sales. Coronavirus has accelerated that dramatically, but we’ve been preparing for higher volumes. Within the next four to eight weeks, we’ll be relocating to a new facility, where we’ll have five times more space for offices and especially production.

微信红包接龙二维码we have a strong supply chain and have been ramping up our warehouse with components. we have had some warnings from some suppliers about labor shortages and slowed production in china.

微信红包接龙二维码last year, we were scaling up our position as the market leader. we expect this year to be a breakthrough in terms of volume in china, asia in general, the mideast, and in the u.s.

UVD robot in hospital room

微信红包接龙二维码disinfection robots can help with staffing shortages and in multiple environments. source: uvd robots

Other companies are promoting the use of robots for providing information, preparing meals, delivering medicine, and treatment via telepresence. What are your expectations for disinfection robots?

Juul Nielsen: We were slower to enter the U.S. market than the Mideast or Asia because the UVD robot was just CE-marked. The week before Christmas, we got UL safety approval, which was not mandatory but eases access to hospitals. Subsystems of the UVD robot are patented.

we’re doing trial installations in florida hospitals. the uvd robot is relatively easy to set up. it can be fully autonomous or semi-autonomous. in half an hour, you can set up points in a room, map a corridor, and set up the charging station. then, you just have to push a button to tell it to go to a room.

We haven’t seen competitors on the market with similar products. We’ve seen concepts at exhibitions and one other model in China, but no other disinfection robots are in operation yet in the U.S. We’re building a strong network of distributors for the second-generation UDV robot, which can save lives.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/ethicon-holds-robotic-surgery-patent-intuitive-surgical-challenge/ http://hsnbiz.com/ethicon-holds-robotic-surgery-patent-intuitive-surgical-challenge/#respond Fri, 21 Feb 2020 14:13:53 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104286 intuitive surgical had challenged j&j's ethicon subsidiary on the combination of a shiftable drive system with a robotic surgery platform.

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Ethicon subsidiary of J&J holds onto most of robotic surgery patent in Intuitive Surgical challenge

ethicon is a medical devices unit of johnson & johnson. source: j&j

微信红包接龙二维码ethicon inc., a medical device subsidiary of johnson & johnson, has retained most of its patent rights around a robot-assisted surgical tool in a ruling by the patent trial and appeal board. rival intuitive surgical inc. had challenged the patent.

微信红包接龙二维码the boardhuochu decision, dated feb. 18, involved an ethicon patent for a huolunhiftable drive interface for robotically-controlled surgical tool,huo?issued in 2013. out of 28 claims in the patent, the board found only a third to be unpatentable.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Intuitive failed to prove that a mechanical engineer with experience designing robotic surgery systems would have found it obvious to take a surgical tool with a shiftable drive system and combine it with a robotic surgery system, according to the board.

in trying to make its prior art claim, intuitive surgical used a previous patent called whitman that described a powered, rotating, and articulating surgical device for clamping, cutting and stapling tissue huo?as well as a patent called tierney for a robotic surgery system.

an engineer combining whitman and tierney, however, would have viewed the shifter as unnecessary because teirneyhuochu four drive elements were already capable of operating whitmanhuochu four end-effector functions, the board said.

微信红包接龙二维码huomietitionerhuochu proposal in that regard appears rooted in the bias of hindsight rather than based on what a skilled artisan would have gleaned from the teachings of the prior art,huo?wrote the board.

however, it did agree with intuitive surgical that whitman disclosed the tool-mounting portion described in ethiconhuochu patent.

Ethicon patent

微信红包接龙二维码diagram from u.s. patent 8,616,431 b2. source: google patent images

Ethicon dispute part of hot medtech space

Robot-assisted surgery is currently a hot area in medical technology, with Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and others seeking to take on Intuitive Surgical, the leading company in the space. J&J’s Ethicon last year inked a $3.4 billion deal to pick up Auris Health and its FDA-cleared Monarch platform. J&J also bought the remaining stake in Verb Surgical, following what J&J described as a successful strategic collaboration with the Alphabet life sciences unit Verily.

During a January earnings call, J&J CEO Alex Gorsky hinted at a robotic surgery preview in May.

intellectual property legal disputes continue between j&j and intuitive surgical. because of its acquisition of auris, johnson & johnson inherited a patent-infringement suit that intuitive filed against auris in the u.s. district court of delaware in 2018. the district court trial is slated to begin in january 2012, j&j said in its annual report, filed feb. 18.

Editor’s note: For more medical device coverage, visit MassDevice, a sibling site to The Robot Report and Robotics Business Review.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/ids-nxt-ocean-designed-ease-image-processing-neural-networks/ http://hsnbiz.com/ids-nxt-ocean-designed-ease-image-processing-neural-networks/#respond Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:41:49 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104276 ids nxt ocean is designed to allow people without ai expertise to train neural networks with individual inference cameras.

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微信红包接龙二维码among the challenges facing artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous vehicle developers is the need to process mages for training neural networks. ids nxt ocean from imaging development systems gmbh is intended to make it easier for users who are not ai experts to classify images.

微信红包接龙二维码ids nxt ocean includes camera hardware, a self-developed ai core, and intuitive training software, said obersulm, germany-based ids. along with support, this all-in-one offering is unique in the image-processing market, claimed the company. users need only their application expertise and sample images to create a neural network, it said.

微信红包接龙二维码with the help of the ids nxt lighthouse cloud software, even non-experts without prior knowledge of ai or camera programming can train an ai classifier with their own image data, said ids. all functions and the necessary infrastructure for creating the neural network are available through a web-based interface. this means that users do not have to set up their own development environments first, but can start training their own neural networks right away, the company said.

Doing so involves three basic steps: uploading sample images, labeling the images, and then starting the fully automatic training. The generated network can then be executed directly on the IDS NXT industrial cameras, turning them into powerful inference cameras.

Inference cameras ready for industrial applications

An inference camera can apply the “knowledge” acquired through deep learning to new data, said IDS微信红包接龙二维码. This makes it possible to automatically solve tasks that would either not be possible with rule-based image processing or would require great effort.

Since the NXT industrial cameras have a special AI core, neural networks are hardware-accelerated and run directly on the devices, enabling inference times of just a few milliseconds. With features such as C-mount, robust housing, GigE network connection with RJ45 or M12 connectors, RS232 interface, and REST Web interface, they are also fully-fledged industrial cameras, according to the company.

微信红包接龙二维码ids said its nxt rio and rome models are now available as serial cameras with different sensors and protection classes.

Starting with the IDS NXT ocean design kit

IDS微信红包接龙二维码 also offers an IDS NXT ocean design-in kit, which is particularly useful for anyone who wants to test the potential of AI for individual vision tasks. It provides all the components needed for users to create, train and run a neural network in their production environments.

IDS NXT ocean design-in kit

the ids nxt ocean design-in kit. source: ids

微信红包接龙二维码in addition to an ids nxt industrial camera with 1.6 mp sony sensor, lens and cable, the package includes six months of access to the ai training software. the use of deep learning-based image processing for individual applications can thus be realized in a short time, said ids.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/gecko-sp-gripper-finer-industrial-applications/ Thu, 20 Feb 2020 13:48:31 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104272 the new gecko sp gripper from onrobot applies the award-winning technology to smaller objects such as printed circuit boards.

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yesterday, onrobot a/s released its gecko single pad or gecko sp gripper, a smaller version of its end-of-arm tool for industrial and collaborative robotics uses.

Unlike other adhesive grippers, which often use suction, OnRobot said its award-winning Gecko grippers use microscopic stalks to exert van der Waals forces. This enables them to grasp objects in the same that geckos climb, without compressed air or external power.

As a result, certain pick-and-place robots have fewer parts requiring maintenance, according to the Odense, Denmark-based company.

Gecko SP designed for low payloads

The Gecko SP gripper is designed to be compact and be suitable for new applications with smaller footprints and a lower payload than OnRobot’s微信红包接龙二维码 other products.

It comes in three sizes â€?SP1, SP3, and SP5 â€?named after its capacity in kilograms (2.2, 6.6, and 11 lb., respectively). This is similar to the UR3 and UR5 cobot arms微信红包接龙二维码 from market leader Universal Robots A/S.

The Gecko SP can lift flat, smooth, or shiny surfaces without leaving a mark, eliminating a cleaning step in manufacturing processes, said OnRobot. It can also handle微信红包接龙二维码 perforated items such as circuit boards, aluminum mesh, or head gaskets.

“Our unique Gecko technology automates processes that no other gripper can accomplish, and now it’s available in a compact, flexible format that offers our customers even more options,�stated Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot. “This is a true plug-and-play gripper that fulfills our promise of a full range of easy, cost-effective, flexible robotic tooling that lets customers focus on their application rather than the robot.�/p>

Gecko SP
Gecko SP. Source: OnRobot

Little programming needed

In addition, the One-System Solution微信红包接龙二维码 platform allows the Gecko SP to be integrated with cobots or light industrial robot arms with little or no programming, said OnRobot.

The One-System Solution was recognized last December with a Gold Leadership in Engineering Achievement Program (LEAP) Award for industrial automation at DeviceTalks West, which was co-located with the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum. Both events were produced by WTWH Media, the parent organization of The Robot Report and Collaborative Robotics Trends.

Also in December, OnRobot, which has offices in nine countries, raised $27.5 million微信红包接龙二维码 (U.S.) to continue its expansion worldwide.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/robotics-startups-to-watch-2020/ http://hsnbiz.com/robotics-startups-to-watch-2020/#comments Wed, 19 Feb 2020 19:00:45 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104150 running a robotics startup is no easy task. yet, we are always amazed by the number of robotics startups working on innovative technologies. here, in alphabetical order, are 10 robotics startups the robot report will be watching in 2020. the companies are working on a variety of products, including autonomous vehicles, mobile robots for construction,…

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微信红包接龙二维码running a robotics startup is no easy task. yet, we are always amazed by the number of robotics startups working on innovative technologies.

Here, in alphabetical order, are 10 robotics startups The Robot Report will be watching in 2020. The companies are working on a variety of products, including autonomous vehicles, mobile robots for construction, toy robots, and software to give robots common sense and make them easier to use.

It’s hard to narrow this list down to just 10 robotics startups, so please share in the comments some robotics startups you will be watching in 2020. Make sure to also check out our must-watch robotics startups from 2019.

10 robotics startups to watch in 2020


Headquarters: Berkeley, Calif.
Technology: artificial intelligence for robots
Founded: 2017
Funding: $27 million
Reason to watch: Covariant is building AI that it calls the “Covariant Brain” to make robots smarter. Covariant was founded in 2017, but it came out of stealth mode in January 2020, announcing that its first application is piece-picking for logistics companies. Covariant is competing directly with other robotics startups such as Kindred and RightHand Robotics. Covariant said its approach uses a variety of AI methods to train its robots, including reinforcement learning. It combines that with an off-the-shelf robot arm, a suction gripper, and a simple 2D camera system. The video above shows Covariant’s system operating in a warehouse that handles logistics for a company called Obeta.

Digital Dream Labs


Anki Cozmo

Headquarters: Pittsburgh
Technology: Toy robots
Founded: 2012
Reason to watch: The Robot Report broke the news of Digital Dream Labs acquiring Anki’s assets in December 2019. And the edtech startup has ambitious plans to revive all of Anki’s product lines by Christmas 2020 in the following order: Overdrive, Cozmo, Vector. Founder H. Jacob Hanchar also told us about a potential subscription-based model, an open-source Vector 2.0 and other initiatives he thinks will help build a sustainable portfolio of toy robots.

微信红包接龙二维码anki abruptly shut down in april 2019 after making $325 million in revenue since it was founded in 2010. if digital dream labs delivers on these promises and revives the product lines, it would be quite the comeback story and make anki’s 6.5-plus million customers very happy.


Headquarters: San Francisco
Technology: Robots for agriculture
Founded: 2016
Funding: $20.2 million
Reason to watch: Farmwise is building adaptive robots for agriculture to give farmers greater yield, more profits, and a healthier environment. The company is starting with an autonomous weeding robot that can cleanly pick weeds from fields, reducing or eliminating the need for chemical pesticides. The robots have efficiently removed weeds from around more than 10 million plants, according to FarmWise.

Freedom Robotics

robotics startups

Headquarters: San Francisco
Technology: Robotics management software
Founded: 2018
Funding: $6.6 million
Reason to watch: Freedom Robotics combines development and management tools in its cloud-based robotics management software (RMS) to help prototype, build, operate and scale robot fleets. Cloud-based tools such as this will become crucial as more robotics startups launch and prepare to scale. Companies will be able to get to market quicker and easier by using these types of tools rather than devoting employees to developing a full software stack.

freedom ceo joshua wilson said, “many of us are stuck building tools and infrastructure, and spend 90% of our time ‘making something (just barely) work’ and only 10% iterating with users and customers toward making a product people want.”


robotics startups

Headquarters: Golden, Colo.
Technology: Autonomous yard operations
Founded: 2017
Funding: $53 million
Reason to watch: Currently, there are 50,000 yard trucks operating in the U.S., which handle the transfer of freight containers and trailers from trucks at a warehouse or distribution center. Colo.-based Outrider微信红包接龙二维码 came out of stealth mode today, looking to automate these yard trucks through a new electric vehicle with Level 4 autonomy.

微信红包接龙二维码formerly known as azevtec, outriderhuochu goal is to help distribution yards keep semi-trailers full of freight moving quickly in the space between warehouse doors and public roads. the company said many of the processes that make up yard operations are manual, inefficient, and hazardous.

Refraction AI

Headquarters: Ann Arbor, Mich.
Technology: Delivery robots for last-mile delivery
Founded: 2017
Funding: Undisclosed
Reason to watch: Refraction AI unveiled its Rev-1 delivery robot in mid-2019. The Rev-1 looks like a cross between Starship’s smaller delivery robots and Nuro’s larger autonomous delivery vehicles. It can operate on either sidewalks or streets, weighs 100 pounds, has a top speed of 15 MPH, and is currently priced at $5,000. The REV-1 is outfitted with GPS, 12 cameras and sensors that let it navigate its environment.

微信红包接龙二维码according to refraction co-founder matthew johnson-roberson, services like doordash and grubhub cost restaurants about 30% of an order total. for consumers, the cost of those delivery services is usually $3 to $5 plus tip, he said. refraction is charging restaurants 10% to 15% and charging consumers $3. refraction launched in ann arbor a pilot food delivery program in january with four restaurants and a few hundred participants. ittingplans to expand to a couple of other cities within six months.

For what it’s worth, Nuro raised $940 million from Softbank in February 2019.

Robust AI

Robust AI building commonsense toolbox for robots

Robust AI founders (left to right) Rodney Brooks, Mohamed Amer, Anthony Jules, Henrik Christensen and Gary Marcus at the Robust AI office in Palo Alto, Calif. | Credit: Peter Barret, Playground Global

Headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.
Technology: Cognitive platform for robots
Founded: 2019
Funding: Undisclosed Seed round
Reason to watch: Robust AI was first introduced at the Robotics Summit & Expo 2019 during co-founder Henrik Christensen’s keynote. The company is trying to build an industrial-grade cognitive platform that brings common sense reasoning to robots. This is no easy task. Few of the robots working in the real world are intelligent, and they’re often brittle and difficult to program.

Co-founder Gary Marcus told The Robot Report, “there are no general-purpose tools to help robots make decisions in open-ended environments.” To build its cognitive platform, Marcus said Robust AI will take a hybrid approach by combining multiple techniques, including deep learning and symbolic AI.

Alongside Christensen and Marcus, Robust AI features an all-star lineup of founders, including Mohamed Amer, Rodney Brooks, and Anthony Jules. Robust AI has a number of job openings in Palo Alto.

Scaled Robotics

Headquarters: Barcelona
Technology: Mobile robots for construction
Founded: 2016
Funding: $3.2 million
Reason to watch: The majority of large construction projects go over budget and take longer to complete. Despite being a global $10 trillion-a-year industry, commercial construction is one of the least automated markets. But that is starting to change. Barcelona-based Scaled Robotics builds mobile robots that navigate construction sites to collect 3D maps. These maps are uploaded to the cloud and compared to construction models to track the progress of a job and the quality of the construction to find potential mistakes.

scaled robotics has said its robots can minimize mistakes and improve overall efficiency of a project. it uses a robotics-as-a-service (raas) model, providing the robot and software on a monthly basis.

Southie Autonomy

Headquarters: Boston
Technology: Robot software
Founded: 2017
Funding: Undisclosed
Reason to watch:微信红包接龙二维码 Ease of use is vital to the growth of the robotics industry. Southie Autonomy is developing intelligent robot software called “The Wand” that lets users tell robots what to do by using gesture and voice commands. The Wand uses a hand-held pointer and a patent-pending platform that combines AI and augmented reality AR to remove the complex programming required to set up robotic workflows. Southie claims no computer skills are required to be able to use The Wand.

The MassRobotics resident recently started picked up its first paying customers. Southie won the RoboBusiness Pitchfire startup competition in 2018, as well as the ABB Innovation Challenge. It was recently selected for the 2020 Techstars Air Force Accelerator.

XACT Robotics

XACT Robotics

Headquarters: Hingham, Mass.; Caesarea, Israel
Technology: robotic platform for needle steering for surgical procedures
Founded: 2013
Funding: $51 million
Reason to watch: XACT Robotics recently closed a $36 million Series D round of financing to commercialize its FDA- and CE-approved XACT Robotic System. The hands-free system combines image-based planning and navigation with instrument insertion and steering capabilities, to democratize percutaneous interventional procedures. The company claims this is the first technology of its kind. The XACT Robotic System is based on research originally conducted at the Technion �Israel Institute of Technology by Prof. Moshe Shoham, who is the founder of Mazor Robotics, which was acquired by Medtronic in 2018 for $1.7 billion.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/moveit-2-enables-realtime-robot-arm-control-ros2/ http://hsnbiz.com/moveit-2-enables-realtime-robot-arm-control-ros2/#comments Wed, 19 Feb 2020 15:01:56 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104253 moveit 2 is a version of the popular open-source platform for developing robot arm controls that has been released under ros 2.

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MoveIt motion planning

微信红包接龙二维码moveit 2 includes support for the rviz motion-planning plugin. source: picknik

微信红包接龙二维码picknik inc. last week announced a new version of the moveit open-source software for controlling robot arms. moveit 2 beta works with ros 2 to enable faster, more reactive planning through realtime control, said the boulder, colo.-based company.

MoveIt was initially developed at Willow Garage, which was started in late 2006 by Scott Hassan, who had worked with Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the predecessor to the Google search engine. Over the past decade, MoveIt has become the most widely used open-source software for developing robotic manipulation applications, evaluating designs, and building integrated products, said PickNik.

Academics and industrial developers use the software to direct robotic arms to pick up things, interact with them, and move them to new locations. MoveIt also includes tools and capabilities for startups to build robotics applications that would have been difficult to create because of cost constraints.

Open-source company PickNik has led development of MoveIt 2 in coordination with the efforts around ROS 2, the latest version of the Robot Operating System. It said its partners include Intel, Amazon, Open Robotics, and many contributors around the world.

“with this release, moveit is ready to further expand and meet the needs of demanding applications across the industry,” stated dave coleman, lead maintainer of the moveit project and ceo of picknik robotics. “with the robotic arm market expected to exceed $39.2 billion by 2024, picknik robotics is taking a new approach to supporting this market by continuing to build open-source products with our partners. it’s an exciting alternative to the model of traditional vendor lock-in software.”

MoveIt 2 has most of the core functionalities of its predecessor, including motion planning, collision checking, trajectory execution, inverse kinematics, and visualization in RViz, according to a discussion thread on ROS Discourse. However, as of two weeks ago, some features, such as benchmarks, robot interaction, and plugins, were not yet enabled because of a lack of funding, wrote微信红包接龙二维码 Henning Kayser, an applied robotics scientist at PickNik Robotics.

ROS 2, MoveIt 2 gain corporate support

微信红包接龙二维码“while most tech fields have been influenced by the open internet, the vast majority of robots are still coded in walled gardens using closed-source software,” said picknik robotics. “this a problem because creating truly general robot software for even trivial tasks is so difficult that no single person or institution can hope to do it on its own. moveit’s supporters believe that open-source, collaborative development is the best hope for robust, safe and secure robotics software.”

After years of use among academics, startups, and government-sponsored efforts such as NASA’s Robonaut program, ROS and MoveIt微信红包接龙二维码 2 have recently received industry attention. MoveIt is the third most popular package in ROS, according to PickNik. Companies such as Microsoft, Toyota, Samsung, and LG have invested in open-source robotics development.

Companies using MoveIt include Fetch Robotics, Franka Emika, PAL Rbotics, Realtime Robotics, Acutronic Robotics, and Kinova.

“moveit is a key component of the ros 2 ecosystem, and we are happy to see the release of moveit 2,” said tully foote, ros platform manager at the open source robotics foundation. “the capabilities provided by moveit open up many applications for the community.”

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/spot-robot-pulls-adam-savage-rickshaw/ http://hsnbiz.com/spot-robot-pulls-adam-savage-rickshaw/#respond Tue, 18 Feb 2020 21:08:42 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104241 微信红包接龙二维码rickshaws are wheeled passenger carts that were invented in japan in the late 1800s. initially, the rickshaws were pulled by a human. but over time cycle rickshaws (pedicabs), auto rickshaws, and electric rickshaws were invented. it appears we’re on the verge of yet another new type of rickshaw: robo-rickshaws. former mythbusters host adam savage has…

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rickshaws are wheeled passenger carts that were invented in japan in the late 1800s. initially, the rickshaws were pulled by a human. but over time cycle rickshaws (pedicabs), auto rickshaws, and electric rickshaws were invented. it appears we’re on the verge of yet another new type of rickshaw: robo-rickshaws.

Former MythBusters host Adam Savage has a Spot quadruped robot on loan from Boston Dynamics. He will develop and deploy custom hardware and software on Spot throughout the year. The latest challenge tests Spot’s ability to pull Savage around in a self-made, 19th century-style rickshaw.

boston dynamics founder marc raibert has often said spot is versatile, but we’re guessing even he never thought spot would be used as a rickshaw operator. “i wanted an early video to be a simple task that we give spot that is fun and evocative and strange huo?and hilarious,” savage said, noting that he has had a peculiar, longtime obsession with rickshaws.

the bulk of the video documents the custom hitch savage built for spot. there are cargo rails on top of spot that savage used to attach the tow hitch to the rickshaw. fast forward to the 23-minute mark of the video to see spot actually pull savage around in the rickshaw.

微信红包接龙二维码savage collaborated with seth davis, boston dynamics’ head of field application, on the rickshaw application. spot wasn’t operating in autonomous mode, davis was remotely controlling him off camera.

微信红包接龙二维码davis said spot struggled a tad out of the box. “it had a hard time getting going and handling the weight of the rickshaw. once we got a little bit up the path and going up a small hill, the robot ran out of steam and didn’t have enough strength to pull it.”


however, they noted the first test used spot’s stock software. with the stock software, davis said spot “doesn’t know there’s a weight on its back pushing down, and it doesn’t know it’s pulling a rickshaw behind it. we can use our software through our api to tell the robot those things and get a lot better performance.”

微信红包接龙二维码and that’s exactly what happened. they used the api to adjust spot’s gait. the api allowed the robot to have more information about its payload, assess the weight and forces on it, and allow spot to adjust to them dynamically. after making these software adjustments, spot successfully pulled savage around.

“that’s excellent work, little buddy,” savage said.

It appears Spot has a knack for pulling things. In April 2019, Boston Dynamics released a video called “Mush, Spot Mush!” that showed 10 SpotMini robots pulling a truck across the company’s parking lot微信红包接龙二维码. According to Boston Dynamics, the parking lot is slopped 1 degree uphill and the truck, thank goodness, was in neutral. In the video description, Boston Dynamics quips, “it only takes 10 Spotpower (SP) to haul a truck across the Boston Dynamics parking lot.”

Spot was released for commercial use in September 2019, and it is performing tasks that don’t involve towing. HoloBuilder released SpotWalk, an app that integrates HoloBuilder’s software for documenting and managing construction projects. And the quadruped is getting ready to work at Aker BP ASA, a Norwegian oil producer. Later this year, it will patrol one of the company’s oil and gas production vessels in the Norwegian Sea. The company wants to test the robot’s ability to perform inspections, detect hydrocarbon leaks, and gather data.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/drishti-denso-join-apply-computer-vision-human-productivity/ http://hsnbiz.com/drishti-denso-join-apply-computer-vision-human-productivity/#respond Tue, 18 Feb 2020 20:00:55 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104240 drishti's 'action recognition' technology, which uses ai and computer vision to improve productivity on the manufacturing floor is working with denso and looking at robots as well as line workers.

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DENSO, Drishti join forces to apply computer vision to productivity

manufacturers such as denso use drishti technology to help line workers be more productive. source: denso

last week, automotive component supplier denso corp. announced that it is working with drishti technologies inc. to optimize production at several north american factories. denso said it is applying drishti’s “action recognition” technologies to manufacturing processes to identify bottlenecks and provide feedback in real time.

Even as industrial automation spreads, people still perform 72% of production tasks, according to a survey of 100 manufacturers conducted by A.T. Kearney and Drishti. As a result, it’s important to monitor both the people and the machines in workcells, said Prasad Akella, founder and CEO of Drishti. Helping people be more effective in concert with robots produces better results than focusing on either in isolation, he told The Robot Report.

Drishti develops holistic view of production

Mountain View, Calif.-based Drishti combines computer vision, artificial intelligence, and continuous analytics to create data sets that it claimed “are several orders of magnitude larger than those produced by traditional time and motion studies.” It has been working with DENSO since its founding.

微信红包接龙二维码“i met prasad at sri international in 2017, when we realized that this concept had a huge potential,” recalled raja shembekar, vice president of denso’s north american production innovation center. “before drishti, the concept of digitizing human motion to get insights didn’t exist.”

Prasad Akella

微信红包接龙二维码prasad akella, ceo, drishti

微信红包接龙二维码“i was working at sri international, a 70-year-old r&d spinoff of stanford university, when i had a conversation with denso about machines,” akella said. “i asked, ‘where is your data on manual processes?’ raja came down, and he took one look at our science experiment and saw value.”

“denso opened up its facilities to us and worked through iterations of the new technology,” he said. “they’ve been phenomenal collaborators and helped us make this work at scale. i also credit our engineering team for finding clever ways to store data and metadata and use the two of them to bring life back to every bit of analysis. the beauty of ai is that it can narrowly focus engineers’ attention on what needs it.”

“We’re very excited that the World Economic forum chose Drishti as a technology pioneer微信红包接龙二维码 for 2019,” Akella said. “Krishnendu Chaudhury, our CTO, is the brains behind one of the most advanced neural networks out there. Board member Ashish Gupta has been growing the business, and we’re very fortunate to have this team to build our technology and bring it to market.”

微信红包接龙二维码“our vision is that we are part of the infrastructure,” he said. “this is important to integration. robots used to be sold directly to oems, but we’d love to work with integrators to penetrate the market.”

Drishti AI designed to help line workers learn

“even though denso is very lean, we still rely on humans in lower-cost countries, and people make mistakes,” shembekar explained. “we want to make sure quality is top-notch, but an industrial engineer standing behind an associate with a stopwatch skews the data. it’s just a snapshot, and assembly is a dynamic process.”

“the single biggest lesson for [drishti and denso] was that we needed to encapsulate this pretty sophisticated technology in an easy-to-consume manner so that front-line employees — line associates and line supervisors — could know what’s going on,” said akella. “let the engineer consume the data, and abstract it away from other users so the operator can understand it. how do you surface all the data, make it actionable, and hide the nuances of building the neural network?”

“the associates need feedback on consistency in real time,” he added. “at the heart of production is human variability, and the job can be monotonous. we can add a bit of gamification and provide a natural beat. sometimes, there aren’t any natural beats a line associate can work with, not like on a conveyor belt. feedback gives a more natural beat to follow.”

Cycle trends

source: drishti

Immediate feedback boosts morale, retention

微信红包接龙二维码“i’m convinced that the way we’ve looked at people is very limited,” asserted akella. “the fundamental assumption is that we’ve tapped out the capabilities of humans and that the only way to improve productivity is with machines.”

“Humans are still more dexterous and flexible than many robots, but machines can give guidance to reduce errors,” he said. “When we worked on cobots微信红包接龙二维码, we recognized that human cognition just needs power assistance. We expect people on the manufacturing floor for decades to come, and Drishti’s mission statement is ‘to extend human potential.'”

“finding any deviations from standard work processes is valuable. as smartphone makers have learned, rework costs five times more than getting it right upfront,” said akella. “like when an nfl quarterback throws an interception and reviews the video to avoid it happening again, associates have the ability to review for quality control in the moment.”

“drishti’s root-cause analysis brings search to the manufacturing floor,” he said. “as a result, cause and effect are clear, and there’s dynamic learning and less labor churn, which is important when there’s less than 3% unemployment.”


微信红包接龙二维码drishti provides line workers feedback in real time. source: denso

Longer-term goals

drishti is looking at using its technology to monitor more manufacturing activities, said akella.

微信红包接龙二维码“equipment failures cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. we have patents filed, and we’re also looking at observing robots. it’s not just the internal data that they generate but the entire process,” he said. “we’ve already solved the harder problem — observing the variability of humans, who might be left-handed or right-handed, shorter or taller.”

Raja Shembekar, VP of DENSO's North American Production Innovation Center

raja shembekar, vp of denso’s north american production innovation center

Kariya, Japan-based DENSO, which has North American headquarters in Southfield, Mich., said the digitization efforts are in accordance with its Long-Term Policy 2030.

“As we look to 2025 and beyond, with robotics, IoT [the Internet of Things], cloud computing, and machine vision, the challenge is not to develop technology for the sake of technology but to solve complex manufacturing problems and improve the performance of DENSO and its associates,” said Shembekar.

Meanwhile, Drishti is working with other customers to understand their unique problems. “For example, training is a big issue,” said Akella. “With low unemployment, managers may not know who will show up for work on a given day, and they have to allocate people. Who’s more nimble or faster? We want to improve coaching to help the average person can play to their strengths and become as close to a master craftsman微信红包接龙二维码 as possible in the shortest period of time.”

微信红包接龙二维码“millennials are used to going to youtube to solve problems,” akella said. “dojo stations in japan are the digital version, with the physical version facing the operator. there’s a huge opportunity to not only transform manufacturing, but also how to train people.”

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/leveraging-ai-maximize-collaborative-robot-efficiency/ http://hsnbiz.com/leveraging-ai-maximize-collaborative-robot-efficiency/#respond Tue, 18 Feb 2020 14:58:21 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104225 微信红包接龙二维码tuesday march 17, 2020 2 pm et / 11 am pt     recent advancements in artificial intelligence (ai) have enabled collaborative robots to precisely execute tasks in dynamically changing workspaces, enabling operations to run more smoothly, efficiently and productively. this webinar will define ai and demonstrate how ai-powered cobots can increase production, decrease cost,…

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Tuesday March 17, 2020
2 PM ET / 11 AM PT



Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have enabled collaborative robots to precisely execute tasks in dynamically changing workspaces, enabling operations to run more smoothly, efficiently and productively. This webinar will define AI and demonstrate how AI-powered cobots can increase production, decrease cost, and shorten cycle times in today’s high-tech manufacturing environments. Video case study examples will show how AI leverages billions of hours of iterative machine-learned practices to intelligently direct cobots in manufacturing, production and engineering.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • To understand Artificial Intelligence and its capabilities
  • The benefits of open interfaces
  • To see how real-life AI/cobot applications can increase production, decrease cost and shorten cycle times

Featured Speakers:

Tim DeGrasse
Business Development Manager
Universal Robots



Steve Crowe
Editor, The Robot Report



Sponsored by:



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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/geek-expands-mobile-robot-presence-americas/ Tue, 18 Feb 2020 14:03:02 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104224 微信红包接龙二维码china-based logistics mobile robot maker geek+ announced its expansion in the americas.

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Geek+ opens San Diego office, announces U.S. executives

source: geek+

geek+ inc. yesterday announced that geek+ americas has opened an office in san diego. the beijing-based company also named executives who will lead its efforts to sell mobile robots to logistics and manufacturing customers in the americas.

Geek+ Americas leadership has robotics experience

Mark Messina, COO, Geek+ Americas

mark messina, coo, geek+ americas

微信红包接龙二维码as chief operating officer for the americas, mark messina will drive operations in the u.s. and business expansion across the continent, the company said.

微信红包接龙二维码an early logistics robotics advocate, messina brings over two decades of experience in operations and engineering, including leadership roles in robotics automation with mattel as director of robotics and automation, as well as amazon, where he was director of mechanical engineering for the kiva/amazon robotics automated guided vehicle (agv).

Rick DeFiesta, BD and Partnership, Americas

rick defiesta, bd and partnership, geek+ americas

as business development and partnership director for the americas, rick defiesta will drive sales and customer relations. he has worked for some of the largest material-handling companies in north america such as honeywell, daifuku wynright, and siemens dematic, managing sales and implementing large automated systems on the customer side.

微信红包接龙二维码defiesta has assisted hundreds of customers in distribution, order fulfillment, manufacturing, and assembly by implementing the latest technologies in complex integrated solutions.

Kevin Guo, general manager, Geek+ Americas

微信红包接龙二维码kevin guo, general manager, geek+ americas

Kevin Guo, formerly head of service at Geek+, leads the Americas team as general manager. He joined the company微信红包接龙二维码 after over a decade with ABB in various senior service, project, and sales roles across China and Europe.

Guo has led the growing service team and been instrumental in the success of complex logistics automation projects across the globe, said the company.

Mobile robots rapidly spread worldwide

Founded in 2015, Geek+ said it serves industries including e-commerce, apparel, retail, third-party logistics (3PL) providers, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. The company first demonstrated its robots in the U.S. at Modex 2018 and raised $150 million in Series C1 funding last July. In September, it launched a smart factory in Nanjing, China, using robots to make robots.

Robotics Business Review, a sibling site to The Robot Report, named Geek+ a “company to watch�in 2018 and an RBR50 company in 2019.

The company claimed that it is the largest logistics robotics微信红包接龙二维码 provider globally, having completed more than 200 projects and deployed more than 10,000 robots worldwide. More than 800 employees, including 400 research and development engineers, work at Geek+ across China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Germany, and the U.K.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/submit-session-proposal-now-robobusiness-2020/ http://hsnbiz.com/submit-session-proposal-now-robobusiness-2020/#respond Mon, 17 Feb 2020 15:30:23 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104236 微信红包接龙二维码robobusiness is seeking speakers who can share their experiences and insights at the premier event around robotics technologies and business innovation.

The post RoboBusiness 2020 extends session submission deadline appeared first on The Robot Report.

Submit your session now for RoboBusiness 2020

The call for presentations at the RoboBusiness 2020 will soon be closed. The conference and exposition will be on June 23-24 at the San Jose Convention Center. Session proposals must now be submitted by March 6, 2020.

Submit your session proposal here.

Dan Kara, vice president of robotics at WTWH Media and the creator of RoboBusiness, has returned to the event to refocus it to better serve attendees and the robotics sector as a whole. RoboBusiness 2020 will review relevant research and development, identify commercial opportunities, and discuss the latest technical and business trends. It will also examine public and private-sector initiatives to spur robotics innovation and industry growth.

Session tracks

robobusiness is seeking compelling speakers to deliver thought-provoking presentations in each of the following tracks:

  • Identifying Opportunities â€?What are the best targets for automation, and what global and regional economic, social, and political factors are affecting robotics businesses?
  • Exploiting Technologies â€?What are the latest enabling technologies and techniques that are available to developers of robots, drones, and autonomous systems?
  • Driving Business â€?What are the latest business development, investment, and partnership trends around commercial robots, as well as best practices for running successful robotics companies?
  • Transforming Industries â€?What are the key challenges and opportunities in vertical market segments such as manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, and healthcare?

RoboBusiness 2020 will be co-located with the Sensors Expo & Conference, North America’s largest event dedicated to sensors, connectivity, and the Internet of Things. It will also be co-located with DeviceTalks微信红包接龙二维码, the premier industry event for medical technology professionals.

The form for submitting speaking proposals online can be found HERE. The deadline is March 6, 2020.


For additional information or questions about RoboBusiness 2020, please contact Dan Kara at dkara[at]wtwhmedia.com. For sponsorship opportunities, contact Courtney Seel at cseel@wtwhmedia.com.

About WTWH Media

WTWH Media LLC is an integrated media company serving engineering, business, and investment professionals through more than 50 Web sites, five print publications, and numerous events. The WTWH Network includes The Robot Report, which covers technical and investment news; Robotics Business Review, which analyzes the business aspects of the global robotics industry; and Collaborative Robotics Trends, which focuses on cobot arms, end effectors, and autonomous mobile robots for end users. WTWH Media also produces the Robotics Summit & Expo and the Healthcare Robotics Engineering Forum.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/built-robotics-unveil-autonomous-constructioon-equipment-trade-show/ http://hsnbiz.com/built-robotics-unveil-autonomous-constructioon-equipment-trade-show/#respond Sun, 16 Feb 2020 15:30:05 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104217 微信红包接龙二维码built robotics, whose ai-driven systems can transform nearly any construction equipment into an a fully autonomous robot, will be unveiling its first commercially deployed systems at conexpo-con/agg.

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微信红包接龙二维码san francisco — built robotics inc. said it plans to display its fully autonomous construction equipment to the public for the first time at thetingconexpo-con/agg trade show next month in las vegas.

along with the unveiling, built robotics said it plans to host live remote-control experiences with the robots. the demonstrations will allow show attendees to run a robot in houston and see firsthand how the robots and technology operate in the field.

微信红包接龙二维码“we’ve made significant progress launching the first fully autonomous construction robots,” stated noah ready-campbell, ceo of built robotics. “built is debuting a never-before-seen experience that lets booth visitors manage our robots from a remote distance and see how they work, dig, and operate. this puts cutting-edge technology right in the hands of show attendees.”

Built said its robots are currently deployed across the $1 trillion earthmoving industry, and they’re being used to build critical infrastructure such as wind farms, gas pipelines, and new housing developments. In September 2019, the company raised $33 million in Series B funding, and it previously raised微信红包接龙二维码 $15 million in 2017.

Built Robotics to unveil autonomous construction equipment at trade show

source: prnewsfoto/built robotics

Built transforms existing equipment

The company’s technology transforms existing construction equipment — including excavators, bulldozers, and skid steers — into fully autonomous robots. Built said its artificial intelligence guidance systems can be installed on existing equipment from any manufacturer, while still maintaining complete manual operation capabilities.

The upgraded equipment is able to independently perform common tasks such as digging trenches, excavating foundations, and grading building pads. Remote equipment operators can manage the autonomous fleet via a Web-based platform, which allows them to supervise the robots. This software will be available for demonstrations at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

In addition to the booth’s remote-control experience, Built Robotics will be joined by construction leaders for a series of tech talks designed to educate and explain how robots have been transforming微信红包接龙二维码 the job site. The talks will be taking place every day from March 11 to 13, both at CONEXPO-CON/AGG and the nearby AGC National Convention.

Attendees at CONEXPO can visit Built Robotics March 10 to 14, 2020, in the Bronze Lot at Booth B9607 and learn more about the experience at its website.

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qq抢红包扫雷控制尾数The Robot Report http://hsnbiz.com/sensorized-skin-enables-soft-robotic-arm-feel-own-way-mit/ http://hsnbiz.com/sensorized-skin-enables-soft-robotic-arm-feel-own-way-mit/#respond Sat, 15 Feb 2020 15:30:48 +0000 http://hsnbiz.com/?p=104207 a 'sensorized' soft robotic arm combines soft sensors and machine learning to know where it is in a 3d environment.

The post ‘Sensorized’ skin enables soft robotic arm to feel its own way at MIT appeared first on The Robot Report.

MIT sensorized skin

mit researchers have developed soft sensors using conductive silicone sheets. as the sensorized arm stretches and compresses, electrical resistance is converted to an output voltage thathuochu used as a signal correlating to that movement. credit: ryan l. truby, mit csail

微信红包接龙二维码cambridge, mass. — researchers at the massachusetts institute of technology this week announced that they have enabled a soft robotic arm to understand its configuration in 3d space using only motion and position data from its own huotingensorizedhuo?skin.

Soft robots微信红包接龙二维码 are constructed from highly compliant materials and are inspired by living organisms. Proponents say they are safer, more adaptable, and more resilient alternatives to traditional rigid robots. But making these deformable robots fully autonomous is challenging because they can move in a virtually infinite number of directions at any given moment. That makes it difficult to train planning and control models.

Traditional methods to achieve autonomous control use large systems of multiple motion-capture cameras that provide the robots feedback about 3D movement and positions. But those are impractical for soft robots in real-world applications.

Sifting signals for sensorized orientation

In a paper being published in the journal IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters微信红包接龙二维码, the MIT researchers described a system of soft sensors that cover a robot’s body to provide “proprioceptionâ€?â€?meaning awareness of motion and position of its body. That feedback runs into a novel deep-learning model that sifts through the noise and captures clear signals to estimate the robot’s 3D configuration.

the researchers validated their system on a soft robotic arm resembling an elephant trunk that can predict its own position as it autonomously swings around and extends.

The sensors can be fabricated using off-the-shelf materials, so any lab can develop its own sensorized systems, said Ryan Truby, a postdoctoral student in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Laboratory (CSAIL微信红包接龙二维码) who is co-first author on the paper, along with CSAIL postdoc Cosimo Della Santina.

“We’re sensorizing soft robots to get feedback for control from sensors, not vision systems, using a very easy, rapid method for fabrication,�he said. “We want to use these soft robotic trunks, for instance, to orient and control themselves automatically, to pick things up and interact with the world. This is a first step toward that type of more sophisticated automated control.�/p>

One future goal is to help make artificial limbs that can more dexterously manipulate微信红包接龙二维码 objects in the environment.

“Think of your own body: You can close your eyes and reconstruct the world based on feedback from your skin,�said co-author Daniela Rus, director of CSAIL and the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. “We want to design those same capabilities for soft robots.�/p>

'Sensorized' skin enables soft robotic arm to feel its own way at MIT

mit researchers have created huotingensorizedhuo?skin, made with kirigami-inspired sensors, that gives soft robots greater awareness of their motion and position. credit: ryan l. truby, mit csail

Shaping soft robot perception

a longtime goal in soft robotics has been fully integrated body sensors. traditional, rigid sensors detract from a soft robot bodyhuochu natural compliance, complicate its design and fabrication, and they can cause various mechanical failures. sensors using soft materials could be a more suitable alternative, but they require specialized materials and methods for their design, making them difficult for many robotics labs to fabricate and integrate in soft robots.

微信红包接龙二维码while working in his csail lab one day looking for inspiration for sensor materials, truby made an interesting connection. huolei found these sheets of conductive materials used for electromagnetic interference shielding that you can buy anywhere in rolls,huo?he said.

these materials have huojianiezoresistivehuo?properties, changing in electrical resistance when strained. truby realized they could make effective soft sensors if they were placed on certain spots on the trunk. as the sensor deforms in response to the trunkhuochu stretching and compressing, its electrical resistance is converted to a specific output voltage. the voltage is then used as a signal correlating to that movement.

微信红包接龙二维码but the material didnhuozhua stretch much, which would limit its use for soft robotics. inspired by kirigami huo?a variation of origami that includes making cuts in a material huo?truby designed and laser-cut rectangular strips of conductive silicone sheets into various patterns, such as rows of tiny holes or crisscrossing slices like a chain-link fence. that made them far more flexible, stretchable, huoyuannd beautiful to look at,huo?he said.

sensorized skin 1

credit: ryan l. truby, mit csail

微信红包接龙二维码the researchershuo?robotic trunk includes three segments, each with four fluidic actuators for a total of 12 used to move the arm. they fused one sensor over each segment, with each sensor covering and gathering data from one embedded actuator in the soft robot.

the sensorized actuators used huojianlasma bonding,huo?a technique that energizes a surface of a material to make it bond to another material. it takes roughly a couple hours to shape dozens of sensors that can be bonded to the soft robots using a handheld plasma-bonding device.

sensorized skin 2

微信红包接龙二维码credit: ryan l. truby, mit csail

‘Learning’ configurations

微信红包接龙二维码as hypothesized, the sensors did capture the trunkhuochu general movement. but the signals they gathered were really noisy.

“Essentially, they’re non-ideal sensors in many ways,�Truby said. “But that’s just a common fact of making sensors from soft conductive materials. Higher-performing and more reliable sensors require specialized tools that most robotics labs do not have.�/p>

to estimate the sensorized soft robothuochu configuration, the researchers built a deep neural network to do most of the heavy lifting, by sifting through the noise to capture meaningful feedback signals. they developed a new model to kinematically describe the soft robothuochu shape that vastly reduces the number of variables needed for their model to process.

微信红包接龙二维码in experiments, the researchers had the sensorized trunk swing around and extend itself in random configurations over approximately an hour and a half. they used the traditional motion-capture system for ground-truth data.

sensorized trunk 3

微信红包接龙二维码credit: ryan l. truby, mit csail

in training, the model analyzed data from its sensors to predict a configuration, and compared its predictions to that ground truth data which was being collected simultaneously. in doing so, the model huoxiearnshuo?to map signal patterns from its sensors to real-world configurations.

微信红包接龙二维码the results indicated, that for certain and steadier configurations, the robothuochu estimated shape matched the ground truth.

Improving sensorized models

Next, the MIT researchers aim to explore new sensor designs for improved sensitivity and to develop new models and deep-learning methods to reduce the required training for every new sensorized soft robot. They also hope to refine the system to better capture the robot’s full dynamic motions.

currently, the neural network and sensor skin are not sensitive to capture subtle motions or dynamic movements. but, for now, this is an important first step for learning-based approaches to soft robotic control, said truby.

“Like our soft robots, living systems don’t have to be totally precise,” he said. “Humans are not precise machines, compared to our rigid robotic counterparts, and we do just fine.â€?/p>

Editor’s Note: This article was republished from MIT News.

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Sinumerik Run MyRobot /DirectControl from Siemens, Comau integrates robot kinematics into CNC

微信红包接龙二维码siemens and comau have collaborated on cnc-integrated kinematics to optimize sinumerik control of all robotic machining and handling tasks. source: siemens

微信红包接龙二维码siemens ag and comau spa have jointly engineered the sinumerik run myrobot /directcontrol product. the offering from germany-based siemens and italy-based comau is designed to fully integrate robot kinematics into a cnc system.

as a result, the sinumerik cnc (computer numerical control system) controls the articulated robot arm directly with complex algorithms. it does not need a separate robot controller because the operations are entirely controlled on a second channel of the cnc machine.

微信红包接龙二维码sinumerik run myrobot/directcontrol both allows the cnc to control the robot arm drive system and contains safety functions typically performed by the robot controller. in addition, the robot is programmed entirely on the sinumerik cnc operator panel.

Integrating control of the robot arm into the CNC helps improve path and positioning accuracy as well as reliability, said the companies. It can also yield enhanced dynamic response during robot-aided machining tasks. As a result, the robot is able to undertake more challenging machining assignments, and users can take advantage of the compact hardware, simple engineering, and quick commissioning, said Siemens Corp., the U.S. subsidiary of Siemens.

among the industrial applications that can benefit from the use of sinumerik run myrobot /directcontrol are additive manufacturing, fiber placement, metal cutting, carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, and laser machining.

No separate controller needed with Run MyRobot /DirectControl

The major difference between the new DirectControl technology and conventional systems
微信红包接龙二维码 is that DirectControl performs all the functions previously assigned to the robot controller, said Siemens. This makes the separate robot controller unnecessary.

微信红包接龙二维码in addition, sinumerik run myrobot /directcontrol performs all the same functions as the previous run myrobot variants. the new product not only enables more dynamic application of the robot, but it also provides more accurate control and improves capacity for robot operations to run simultaneously with machining time.

To simplify the engineering process, complete configuration for all DirectControl-supported robot arms is stored in the Sizer engineering tool from Siemens. The same high level of convenience is offered with robot commissioning. Data sets for the relevant mechanics are made available by the robot manufacturer Comau and simply imported on a channel of the Sinumerik CNC.

Sinumerik Run MyRobot

sinumerik run myrobot provides simple connections, from integrating handling tasks through the full systems integration of robot kinematics. source: siemens

Sinumerik supports simulation

Sinumerik also now includes practical support for other engineering functions. Digital twins are available微信红包接龙二维码 for DirectControl-compatible Comau robot arms to enable work in Siemens NX CAM Robotics. The kinematic 3D robot model and the virtual NC kernel Sinumerik VNCK enable sub-programs generated in the CAD-CAM chain to be completely simulated offline.

Additional benefits to this enhancement are the reduced footprint as a result of the elimination of hardware components, a lower overall investment, and reduced stocking costs for spare parts. In addition, Siemens said Sinumerik provides greater availability because of improved mean time between failures (MTBF).

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